Name : Jerome Age : 21 Location : Bronx, New York ask  Super Smash Brother(s)pictures of me

LinkedIn picture came in today. Get ready corporate America.

LinkedIn picture came in today. Get ready corporate America.

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t1h1ree said: God fucking damn I love your blog and face.

Ahhh thank you very much homie

Anonymous said: Hey just to point out that the whoever sent you the message w the phone number probs wouldnt appreciate you posting it on the internet for everyone to see...

They wrote it anonymously so I couldn’t reply privately



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Started One Piece and theres no turning back now. Amazing anime. 

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Anonymous said: Hi, I think u are just the handsomest guy i seen....

Hey this is very kind of you. Thank  you

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Joseline impersonation 😂😂


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obeylafranniie said: so um, hi ;)

Hey whats up!

corgins said: the gambino gifset is from the music video for telegraph ave. i think it dropped pretty recently

Yea I just watched it. I really like it

Anonymous said: Um I think you're really attractive and I think you should text me 818 836 0031 once you text me I'll send you a pic so you know I am also attractive(:

Haha omg this is crazy. 

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Anonymous said: Pero why you cute thoughh ?

Pero like mi madre made me dassit

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